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"There is tenderness only in the coarsest demand: that no-one shall go hungry any more" – Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia (1974: 156)

Adorno, Resistance and the ‘Bad Life’

The following quotation from Theodor Adorno captures, it seems to me, the essence of our current predicament and the sense of ‘damaged life’ that has become central to the daily experience of neo-liberalism:

Life itself is so deformed and distorted that no one is able to live the good life in it or to fulfil his destiny as a human being. Indeed, I would almost go so far as to say that, given the way that the world is organized, even the simplest demand for integrity and decency must necessarily lead almost everyone to protest (Adorno, Problems of Moral Philosophy, 2000: 167).


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