Experimental Geographies

"There is tenderness only in the coarsest demand: that no-one shall go hungry any more" – Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia (1974: 156)

Interview with ‘Bifo’: Reactivating the Social Body in Insurrectionary Time

Critical Legal Thinking has re-published a recent interview with Franco ‘Bifo’ Beradi that was first published in the Berkeley Planning Journal in a special issue on “New Spaces of Insurgency” (also worth checking out). Some brief quotes from the interview:

“We need to build forms of social solid­ar­ity that are cap­able of re-​​activating the social body after the long period of its isol­a­tion and sub­jug­a­tion to com­pet­it­ive aggress­ive­ness.  Solid­ar­ity – in con­trast to this aggress­ive­ness – is based on empathy, on the bod­ily per­cep­tion of the pres­ence of the other.”

“Rather, the main prob­lem that is addressed by the upris­ings – from Egypt to the occu­pa­tion move­ment but also the viol­ent riots in Lon­don and many other cit­ies in Europe – is the react­iv­a­tion of the link between human bod­ies, which is also a react­iv­a­tion of a rela­tion­ship to the city, to land, to territory.”

“We con­tinue to use old forms of action but we will have to begin to ima­gine new forms that are cap­able of actu­ally strug­gling against fin­an­cial dic­tat­or­ship.”

“We need to ima­gine forms of social rela­tion­ships that escape mon­et­ary exchange or invent new forms of exchange, like time banks, new forms of cur­rency, com­munity cur­rency and so on.”

“Pre­cari­ous­ness has become the gen­eral con­di­tion of labor in addi­tion to the gen­eral con­di­tion of social exist­ence and self-​​perception.”

“We need to do things like change the per­cep­tion of what a stu­dent is.  Most stu­dents are pre­cari­ous work­ers, first and foremost.”


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