Experimental Geographies

"There is tenderness only in the coarsest demand: that no-one shall go hungry any more" – Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia (1974: 156)

J’Accuse Revisited: Collective Purpose and Political Passion

A thought-provoking piece by Jacqueline Rose in the latest issue of the London Review of Books on the Dreyfus Affair and Zola’s “J’Accuse”. Much has been written about the ‘capture’ of political affect across a revanchiste Right. This has been accompanied in recent years by a systematic attack on an emancipatory Left and especially its capacity to generate a collective politics of conviction and passion, dissent and subversion (see Alberto Toscano’s new book on this point) . While the repudiation of a passionate politics has undoubtedly found allies on the Left, Rose’s essay raises important questions about the need for emancipatory projects to reconnect and compose new forms and practices of collective affect.

A webcast of Rose’s lecture can be accessed here.


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